Covid 19 FAQ’s

Do you plan to start using testing kits?

We have no plans to do so at the moment, but will follow the advice of medical professionals and PHE.

Will activities continue for healthy residents?

A varied programme of activities is essential for our residents’ health and wellbeing. However, these are extraordinary times and residents must be protected as much as possible from infection by COVID-19. We have suspended visits by outside entertainers and fitness instructors until further notice. Any resumption at a later date will be in accordance with government and advice from Public Health England. Although trips out have also been suspended, we are continuing to offer activities, such as arts and crafts, cake decorating, bingo and puzzles, that are normally organised in-house.

Will you change/intensify cleaning procedures?

We have strict cleaning protocols in place at all times, and these are subject to regulatory and statutory requirements. However, we have issued extra guidance for staff and have already increased the frequency of the cleaning of core communal areas including doors, door handles, handrails, bathrooms, dining tables and chairs and kitchen facilities. 

What about waste collection?

We will continue to deal with all waste in the usual manner. Should any resident be suspected of having the virus, we will remove waste in accordance with advice from PHE. We seek at all times to minimise the risk of transmission to other residents and staff.

Will GPs continue their rounds at the home?

We will continue to work closely with our local doctors and NHS professionals, and be guided by their expertise. We will ensure that all residents have contact with a GP as and when required.

Will my relative be able to attend routine hospital appointments?

The NHS has suspended all non-urgent operations as of 15 April and we are currently unsure about any impact of COVID-19 on routine hospital appointments. However, we are in regular contact with health professionals and are monitoring the situation carefully.

My relative is bed restricted and relies on visits from his/her family. What happens now that we are unable to visit?

Your relative will continue to receive a high level of care 24/7 from our dedicated team of carers and nurses. We will keep you fully updated on their health and wellbeing and can support them in speaking with you on their mobile phone, if they have one, or one of the home’s tablets. If that is not possible, we will give regular wellbeing updates by phone to those residents’ relatives.

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