Advice & Guidance

If you, a friend or relative feel that you/they are in need of care, you can ask Social Services to carry out what is called an assessment of your/their needs. Once informed that somebody may need care, the authority, often jointly with the Health Authority or GP, has a duty to carry out an assessment. This may reveal that you or your friend/relative need care at home or in a residential setting.
Any person who no longer wants or feels able to continue living on their own. We also specialise in care for young physically disabled and dementia.
Yes. Please contact the house or home that you are interested in and have a chat to see what’s possible.
Respite care is basically short-term care. All of our homes offer this care where you can book a room for a matter of days, weeks or on a rolling basis to suit you. This kind of care is useful for holidays or if you simply need a break. Respite care could also be used to try a home before deciding whether it would suit you for long-term care.
If you have capital of below £23,250, you may be entitled to some assistance from the State towards your care costs. First your Social Services department will carry out an assessment of your care needs. If you are assessed as needing nursing home or residential care, you will be asked to claim any Income Support benefits or Pension credit you may be entitled to and these will be taken into account in a means test to ascertain how much you can afford to pay. Normally you will have to pay all your income towards the fees, less £22.30 per week you must retain for personal expenses. If you have a capital over £23,250, the costs for care are solely your responsibility to pay, if / when the capital falls below this amount Social Services.
Everything our residents need to be well looked after and stay looking their best. This includes chiropody, hairdressing, dental treatment, optician and physiotherapy. In addition, all trips out, entertainment and activities within the home are covered or paid for through fundraising activities. No to mention 24 hour care, a private bedroom, laundry and cleaning services including bed linen, towels, toiletries, homemade meals, all utility bills and council tax. So as you can see, we offer an enjoyable lifestyle at minimal cost to you.
If you would like help with arranging funding then we have a number of useful contacts opposite that would be able to offer you advice.

When you have contacted the Home required, the Manager will arrange to come and see you to do an Assessment. This will determine the needs required and the banding for Fees. You will then be invited to the Home to choose the room, you will be given the Residency Terms and Conditions, and care fees will be discussed either by The Manager of the Home or alternatively a member of our Head Office team can speak to you regarding the funding and answer any queries you may have regarding funding, payment, invoicing, bank standing orders. Ashmere’s Terms and Conditions can be found on the reverse of all Invoices and the Resident Contract, this will be given to you on admission to the Home the contract which will require signing upon admission. If you are funded by the local authority the Ashmere contract will be issued once we have received the contract from Nottinghamshire County Council, informing us of how much we need to collect from you each week, together with Invoices. We base our invoicing on a Calendar Monthly Amount which is calculated as follows:- Take the weekly amount due and divide it into a daily charge, this amount is then multiplied by the number of days in the year to give the total amount due for the next financial year. This yearly figure is then divided by twelve to give the amount due on the first of each month.

All our rooms are decorated, carpeted and furnished but to ensure that you feel at home, we encourage you to personalise your room with your belongings. If you would like to bring your own furniture, we will happily accommodate this.
As a family, we love our pets and we understand that you do as well, so to really make a home from home we can welcome pets into the home as well. However, our homes do have their own pets as well as regular Pets as Therapy visits.
We have a Kitchen team at each Ashmere home to ensure you are provided with healthy home cooked meals everyday. Our staff work hard to produce only the best quality home cooked meals for our residents. Everything is freshly prepared by our cooks using a four-week menu plan to ensure every mealtime is varied and enjoyable. Alternatives are always offered and any particular likes and dislikes are always taken into consideration. Vegetarian, diabetic, soft diets and other specialist diet options can be catered for. Where, when and how residents eat is very flexible and we cater for our residents wishes whenever possible. We also hold regular themed food evenings which allow residents to try something a little different and our restaurant nights help residents to enjoy the ambiance of a meal out with family whilst staying in the home.
All of our homes have en-suite rooms available.

All rooms are supplied with a Flat Screen TV, and we are happy for residents to have a phone . We have a television available in the communal lounges and if you would like to make a private call, residents are welcome to use the office phone.

Sutton Lodge is a specialist Dementia Home which provides a safe and secure environment for those residents suffering with all forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The home has been awarded the Dementia Quality Mark from Nottinghamshire County Council. The home environment has been specially adapted to provide stimulation for the residents along with specially trained staff to ensure that the very best care possible is delivered.  Our continence strategy helps residents to regain control by using brightly coloured doors and signs with pictures to help residents find their way. The residents diets are catered for with a variety of meals chosen by the residents themselves during our frequent taste testing sesions. Memory boxes containing photos and mementos are placed next to each bedroom, helping our residents have confidence they have found their room.

All our homes have different facilities and atmospheres, so we’d encourage you to visit before you make up your mind. Our staff are happy to cater for you to trial the home if you wish by coming in for respite care, we can also offer for you to have lunch with our residents so you can find out more about what life is like at Ashmere.

If it’s only minor, we’ll look after at the home. If you have to spend time in hospital, your room will be waiting for you when you’re feeling better. If we have to make plans for your long-term care we’ll do that as and when required, and consult you, your family and friends and the local health authority. Your needs are the most important thing to us.

You’ll find all our details on our ‘Contact Us’ page. Get in touch by calling, emailing or writing to us.